Sunday, June 14, 2015


Here are five of the behaviors you’ll want to avoid:

1. Over-committing and under-delivering.
All talk, no walk won’t help you get ahead. Make promises you can keep.
Most people with good conversation skills will always attract the attention of their BOSSes no matter in which ground on the planet earth. They are among those who will accept the PROMOTING letter in a very short periods of services. But, if the good conversational skills that some times comes with a good idea didn't followed by an action, sooner or latter you will face the very bad consequences. So be very careful...

2. Resisting change.
Failing to embrace new ideas can seriously hurt your career. Be open-minded.
Most people was very comfortably ' sit' in their comfort zone. Satisfied on what do they have is normal behavior and it is suits the normal (ordinary) people. Some else is very un-comfort with comfort zone and always looking for new challenge. They don't like to be seen as ordinary people and always think and doing something new and some time they been seen as crazy group.

3. Always worrying about your next career move.
You need to focus on the present. If you’re always thinking, “What’s next?” you’ll seem distracted and not committed to your current tasks at hand.
Over reacted to the 'dreams' position will easily kills your social relation with your colleague. Too worry about your next position will drives you to the narrow tunnel of mission where the is no one else is important in your life except your dream and yourself.

4. Being a problem identifier versus a problem solver.
Identifying problems sounds a lot like complaining if you don’t do anything about them.
Most people are able to be problem identifier. Most of them choose not to publicized it as they yet to find the solution. So be very carefull in doing this as others already realized it as your are.

5. Being complacent.
If you stop growing as a person and a professional, you’ll stand still (or even take steps backward) in your career.
Another comfort zone. The world is moving...Those who are stay still will left behind.


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