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Projek Buat DUIT Dari Nuffnang : Sayangnya PEMIKIR Tiada KEMAHIRAN

Projek Buat DUIT Dari Nuffnang : Sayangnya PEMIKIR Tiada KEMAHIRAN. Email sebagaimana dibawah ini adalah antara cara Nuffnang memberikan projek Buat Duit kepada para Blogger. Tetapi sayang seribu sayang, Pemikir tiada kemahiran untuk membuat Video sebagaimana yang dikendaki. So... Melepas... 

Ada dua Blog milik Pemikir mendapat tawaran ini 1. Blog Suara Pemikir, 2. Rahsialah ye... hehehe. Ke ada sesiapa yang boleh berikan PERTOLONGAN dalam pembikinan video pendek ini...? Tidak semua blog mendapat paluang sebagini. Hanya blog terpilih sahaja.

Campaign Details : Title: Switch 2 U
Start Date: 09 Jul 2013 
End Date: 29 Jul 2013 
Video Submission Deadline: 02 Jul 2013 

Here's a summary of what you need to do: 
1. Record a short video (approx. 10 seconds) creatively based on the brief below in your own preferred language. Please note that video should not be a reproduction of client's materials (purely copy paste images) and should include your own recordings.
2. Upload your video in the space provided. You may upload up to 5 videos.
3. If your video(s) is chosen for the campaign, it will be shown on the ad displayed on your blog. Kindly note that if your video(s) is not chosen, the ad will not show up on your blog.
4. Please note that approved videos will be compressed and a 5-sec branding clip will be added to the end of your video.

You will earn: 
RM0.50 for each complete play of the video that is shown on your ad unit (this rate applies to Glitterati members only).

Campaign background: 
U Mobile believes in living a connected life and aims to help you do just that! Here are the awesome perks you get when U Mobile.

Four Reasons to Switch to U: 
1. Member Get Member
2. Free Messaging with Kakao Talk and WeChat
3. UMI 38: Unlimited Mobile Internet Usage 
4. Free Calls and Free SMS

All you have to do is to visit any of the U Mobile outlets and start Switching to U! 

For more information:
visit for further information

1. Make an approx. 10 second video highlighting the benefits of U Mobile. Your video should be creative, fun and informative. One or more of the 4 themes below must highlighted in your video. 

a. Free Messaging with Kakao Talk and WeChat
b. Member Get Member
- For referrals: 5% FREE credit
- Those who switch: 15% top up bonus for the first 6 months
c. UMI 38: Unlimited Mobile Internet Usage
d. Free Calls & Free SMS

2. The phrase “ Switch to U” must be said in your video.

Sample idea: 
1. You’re complaining to your friend about your monthly mobile usage constantly running out when he tells you about the U Mobile’s UMI 38: Unlimited Mobile Internet Usage.

2. Video showing you or your friends enthusiastically speaking of the 4 benefits if start switching to U Mobile. 

3. A casual vlog telling your followers that you’re constantly instant messaging and you get free messaging on Kakaotalk and Wechat with U Mobile.

4. On the phone with your mum : “ Ya I’m coming back for dinner, by the way mum you’re always calling us, you know you get free calls and sms with U mobile? It’s time to switch to U la.”

5. Talking to a friend : “ Eh switch to U! then I get 5% free credit and you get :15% top up bonus for the first 6 months. Win win situation!”

- Remember to incorporate the phrase “Switch to U” in your video.
- Do not associate with political and racial topics
- Do not compare to other telcos

Uploaded Video(s):

No Video Uploaded

Upload Video:

  • You may upload up to 5 videos per campaign, all of which will be displayed on your blog on a rotation basis
  • The duration of each video should not exceed 15 seconds
  • Note that approved videos will be compressed and branding may be added to the end depending on the requirements of the campaign
  • Autoplay will be enabled on videos for first-time viewers, after which users will be required to click on the video if they wish to play it again
  • Supported video formats: MOV, MPG MP4, 3GP, FLV and M4V
  • By uploading this video, you are allowing Nuffnang the rights to modify, reproduce, and distribute this video for any purpose.

(Maximum File Size: 100MB)

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