Sunday, March 10, 2013


[Nota dari orang sabah sendiri: Kwn2, allow me a moment of indulgence to clear the foul stench of stupidity amongst the malaysians. Kes kat LD is nothing new to us sabahans, in the 90s they abruptly came to the shore at Semporna and immediately bombed the police stations, and went amuck at the town. 

They are smart people, some left at the sea naik dr kwsn bakau and lived 4 6 mth b4 start to mingle with locals and married them. The tausugs in LD now didn't came all at once, instead they came in batches, with inside helping frm their family at the village. Trust me they have been there at least 2 3 mth b4 the group bcomes complete, then they decide its time to wage war. Klu tak paham rules of engagement, jgnlah menunjuk pandai ckp bukan2 kata kerajaan lemau, ada hati nak banding dgn Bersih. 

Polis kene masuk dulu sbb dorg trained as negotiators, tentera is the last resort as they will not spare anyone once commanded. They need time to ensure all the locals are out of the village and then cut their food and finance sources, hoping the tausugs will surrender. That is our rules of engagement. We are not barbaric stoic like the american soldiers. 

Yg pandai ckp je kt media skrg ni cuba bg arahan btukar kt sbh ke swk, meraung bwk keturunan naik turun ofis merayu xnak dok sana, tp mulut mcm haram mengutuk semua yg tlibat kt LD kata klu dorg kt sana

lama dah setel. Kene suntik kt spital pun pejam mata mengucap2, tgk darah pun pitam lagi nak g perang. 

Those who went in and died today knew they might not come back alive, as that was their vow when inducted to the force. So please, belajar dr sejarah, nak blajar sejarah kene bnyk membaca, sbb tu org kita ramai jd mcm ni, mulut ngan otak tak sama frekuensi, bhs biadapnya bangang abadi. Fedup with their stupidity. Thank u for ur moment. ]


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